The Future Maritime Solutions Summit scheduled for 22 – 24 March 2022 in Gdansk, Poland will host an exclusive Awards Night on 23 March to recognise and honour some of the greatest innovations and breakthroughs in the maritime sector. Below are the categories under which the nominations are open:

During the COVID-19 pandemic maritime companies active in shipping, ports, ship agency, and many other sectors, including logistics, have been in the front line, going the extra mile to ensure that economies keep functioning and the public receives essential goods and sup-plies. WISDOM will present an extra special award this year in recognition of that contribu-tion. This award will go to the company, or group of employees who, in the opinion of the judges, have made the most exceptional contribution to overcoming the challenges presented by COVID-19. This could be by introducing innovative solutions, new ways of working, and introducing and harnessing new technology onboard or ashore to keep supply chains moving and employees and customers safe.
This award recognises the achievements of a shipping company that has been through a significant process of change and improvement, and whose activities have had a particularly significant effect on the region’s maritime sector. Judges will be looking for explanations as to how and why the transformation was made, the strategic rationale behind it, the benefits to the organisation and to customers, investments made to support the change and how the company plans to build further of the achievement.
The Port of the Year Award will go to a Port in the European Union, UK and Eastern EU which, in the opinion of the judges, has made the biggest contribution to the development of port infrastructure in the region. Judges will assess the rationale behind development projects, the investment involved, the project delivery, and any innovative features or aspects of the project.
This award will recognise the organisation that has a product innovation based on green technology which most significantly contributes towards a carbon-neutral future. Judges will examine how efficiently the product(s) addresses the concerns of GHG emissions and environmental pollution, fits in the industry’s long-term decarbonisation plans, and brings a welcoming change to the maritime sector.
The award will go to the organisation which has taken strategic, proactive and innovative security and privacy efforts to help the organisation address real risks, build resilience, increase trustworthiness, and create a conducive environment for doing business and thus enabling the organisation to harness data protection as a lever for business growth.
This award will be given to the organisation that has achieved or demonstrated remarkable fuel efficiency in shipping and other maritime operations through either introduction of a novel fuel and/or technology or reinventing the existing ones to enhance performance. Judges will evaluate multiple criteria including fuel consumption, net emissions, storage and transfer, safety, cost-efficacy and many more to recognise the most innovative approach to maximise fuel efficiency, which also positively impacts the organisation’s overall capabilities.

We would like to have your voice heard. We are looking for nominees for five categories. Please fill the form below and let us know your opinion for each category


    WISDOM has been organising maritime events and awards in the EU & North America for over the past decade. The awards present sponsors with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their com-mitment to recognising and supporting excellence and innovation throughout the industry. Sponsoring an award category will enable your organisation to showcase your corporate identity, services and products. Sponsorship will further raise your organisation’s profile and enhance your credibility with prospective clients, customers and industry peers.

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